Beltane is published today!

Beltane by Alys West

It’s been a long time in the making but my first novel, Beltane, is published today.  It’s a contemporary fantasy romance set in Glastonbury and this is what it’s about:

Finn McCloud is a druid, connected by magic to the earth.  He’s made a big mistake; one he expects to pay for with his life.

Maeve Blackwell has plans for a new start, free of the façade she so carefully maintains. At Beltane, the Celtic festival of fire on 1st May, all her preparations will come to fruition.

Struggling artist, Zoe Rose is in Glastonbury to work on the illustrations for a book about King Arthur.  But when she arrives at Anam Cara, the healing retreat run by Maeve, it’s not the haven she hoped for.

Maeve isn’t the warm-hearted, hippy she expected and Zoe can’t help feeling there’s something very odd about the place.  Is it coincidence that the other guests become ill after Maeve’s given them healing?  And why did the Green Man carved on a tree in the garden, which she’d felt inexplicably drawn to, mysteriously vanish during a thunderstorm?

As if that wasn’t enough, the weird dreams she’d had all her life are getting worse.  Every night she dreams of a handsome stranger.  Then, the day after the thunderstorm, she meets Finn. Realising he’s the man she’s dreamt of (not that she’s going to tell him that!) she’s forced to accept that her dreams are premonitions. 

With Beltane fast approaching Finn knows that Maeve must be stopped.  He’s torn between wanting to protect Zoe from the supernatural world and his desire to be with her.  And the more time they spend together the harder it is to keep secrets from her. 

When Zoe’s dreams reveal that at Beltane both their lives will be in terrible danger, it’s clear that only by trusting each other can they have any hope of defeating Maeve.

If that sounds like a good read to you then you can buy the ebook for £2.99 or the paperback for £8.99 by clicking here.


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