Storm Witch is the sequel to Beltane but can be read as a standalone.  Beltane and Storm Witch are the first two books of the Spellworker Chronicles.

Although not a witch herself, magic had always been part of Jenna’s life, guiding and nurturing her childhood. Her mother Nina was a member of The Order of Spellworkers and Druids, enforcing the laws of the magical community. But six winter solstices ago Nina was murdered. Six winter solstices ago the other members of The Order died or disappeared. And six winter solstices ago Jenna banished magic from her life, fleeing back home to Orkney.

Jenna thought she had re-built a calmer world for herself until her ex Hal returns, and someone starts to practice dangerous magic on the islands. When water, sea and sky elements are being manipulated to destroy, maim and kill, how can she deny handsome druid Winston’s plea for help?

As seer Zoe Rose foretells of a catastrophic storm which will engulf Orkney, Jenna and her friends must race against the elements to stop the storm witch. Only through chaos will Jenna find the answers she’s been searching for. Only through chaos can her heart decide who is the right man for her. And only through chaos will she finally discover who killed her mother.

“Suspenseful and imaginative with wonderful, well fleshed out characters, set in a stunning location.” Between the Lines Book Blog

“I could not put this book down and found it so engaging! Its a really easy read and one you can get hooked on straight away!” The Book Reviewing Mum

Storm Witch is out now as an ebook (the paperback is taking a little longer).  You can read the first chapter here: Storm Witch Chapter 1.