My steampunk romance set in Whitby and York is available as an ebook and paperback on Amazon.

This is the blurb:

DIRIGIBLE KING'S DAUGHTER_FRONT_RGB_150dpiWhen Harriet Hardy moved to Whitby, the Yorkshire town newly famous from Mr Stoker’s sensational novel, she thought she’d left her past and her father’s disgrace behind her. But then an amorous Alderman and a mysterious Viscount turn her life upside down and she’s never been more thankful that she doesn’t leave home without her pistol.
But when defending her honour lands her with an attempted murder charge, Harriet’s only option is to turn to the mysterious Viscount for help. Fortunately, he turns out to be not so mysterious after all and, fortified by copious amounts of tea, she sets forth to clear her name.
As the court case looms Harriet fears she’ll forever be tarnished by her father’s scandalous reputation. Can she avoid conviction and find a happy ending? Or will she always be trapped by her past as the daughter of the notorious Dirigible King?

This is what reviewers have said about it:

“A very well written and enjoyable romance” – Between the Lines Book Blog

“Victorian Steampunk with kickass pistol-packing Victorian feminist… The Dirigible King’s Daughter is a quick entertaining read for those who enjoy romance, steampunk, or just a charmingly-written and beautifully edited little book that makes few demands and delivers exactly what it promises” – Barb Taub for Rosie Amber’s Book Blog

If that sounds like your kind of story then you can click to read the first two chapters  or buy a copy.


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