A peek beneath our cover…

It’s always exciting when something you’ve been working on for ages starts to come together and that’s particularly the case with the Write Romantics charity anthology. One of the charities that we’re supporting is the Cystic Fibrosis Trust which means an awful lot to me as my nephew has Cystic Fibrosis.

I don’t mind telling you that I got a bit emotional when I saw the final version of the cover last week. There was some very undignified sniffing over the computer as I realised that after months of planning and hard work the book is nearly ready for launch.

My own short story, A Pistol for Propriety is one of the stories in the anthology and I’ll be talking more about that on here next week. The anthology will be on sale on 8th November. I really hope you’ll want to read some very fine stories and help us support these two amazing charities.
Thanks Alys xx


Those of you who follow the blog will know that The Write Romantics decided way back at the beginning of this year that we would be publishing Printan anthology of winter and Christmas themed short stories. We were lucky enough to gain support from a veritable army of other writers and the anthology is now filled to the brim with twenty-four fabulous feel good stories for you to cosy-up with. We’ve got some best-selling authors among the contributors and we’re hoping to raise a small fortune for the two wonderful charities we’ve chosen to support – The Cystic Fibrosis Trust and The Teenage Cancer Trust.

Someone else who has been an invaluable support to The Write Romantics and has given his time incredibly generously, in designing the cover and typesetting the entire anthology, is Jessica Redland’s husband, Mark Heslington. So here it is, the moment we’ve been longing to show…

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